Fifteen years ago, in the early stages of the targeted therapies era, we have used this challenge of combination therapy.  There was terminally ill patient and after using few combination therapies he felt better, pain, appetite improved. He lived good quality of life.  First, we used the target (monoclonal immunoglobulin) followed by classical chemotherapy. It was found that this arrangement was significantly more effective than chemotherapy alone or by using only targeted therapy. In addition, long-term experiments in various clinics have presented us with the most effective
“know-how” -- a combination of variables of targeted therapy with classical chemotherapy drugs, tropism enhancers, vitamins, metabolic activators. All of which have allowed us to significantly enhance the efficacy of existing anticancer therapies. Currently, we have a number of effective therapies that are based on combinations of targeted and conventional anti-cancer drugs of various dosages and combinations of vitamins which give the widest range of anti-cancer effect with a maximum term remissions.                                                                                             
Furthermore, many cases have shown ineffectiveness therapy only by targeted agents, or only by chemotherapy, but in combination they lead to prolonged disease remission with a reduction of metastases as well as the original primary tumor. Often evidence of targeted drugs for effective therapy in combination with reinforcement synergistic effect is significantly different from pure targeted drug.   Many tumors that were previously non-sensitive or at times resistant to therapy became sensitive to it.